Letter U Mirrors

Letter U Mirror in Font Ariel. Available in Upper and Lower case. Spell any words. Great as house names or in kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms, Business names & signs fantastic for schools and kids rooms, the list is endless.

If you require a different font, please order the size on our web site, then in the special instruction box, tell us the font you require, including bold or italic or roman.

We can also cut coloured mirrors, acrylic solid colours, also bigger sizes, please email us for a price, info@supercoolcreations.com


Sizes, Prices & Colours

Please select from the tabs below if you require any of your mirrors in a different colour or material.

QTY: Lower Case 5cm£3.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 5cm£3.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 10cm£4.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 10cm£4.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 15cm£7.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 15cm£7.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 20cm£9.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 20cm£9.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 25cm£16.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 25cm£16.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 30cm£21.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 30cm£21.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 35cm£25.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 35cm£25.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 40cm£31.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 40cm£31.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Lower Case 45cm£36.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Upper Case U 45cm£36.99CURRENCY