Square Mirror Tiles & Mosaic Mirrored Tiles

Square Tile Mirrors & Mosaic Mirror Tiles, 3mm thick acrylic shatterproof mirror, has the same reflection as a normal mirror, makes great tiles for decoration, put up with pva glue, and the job is done. Use a microcloth for cleaning. You can even engrave your mirror tiles or have different colour mirror tiles. Please do not use corrosives with this product (no grout).

Great for arts and crafting, mosaic designs, funky wall decorations, mirror on mirror art, tile mirrors, bathroom mirrors, kitchen mirrors. You can also engrave your mirrors choose the single square mirrors under square mirrors, email us if you need any more information.

Sizes from 1cm to 45cm square, brilliant colour mirrors and many solid colours available (from clear to black), just ask if you cant see the size or colour or size you want. We can also sell these mirrors as singles or in larger quanties, please email us for a price.

The measurements given are the overall size. The viewable area may be smaller than the overall size.

Comes with strong adhesive fixers and instructions.

Made from 3mm acrylic shatterproof safety mirror.

Has the same reflection as a normal glass mirror.

Sizes & Prices

QTY: Pack of 10 - 1cm x 1cm£1.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 2cm x 2cm£2.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 3cm x 3cm£3.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 4cm x 4cm£4.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 5cm x 5cm£5.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 6cm x 6cm£6.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 7cm x 7cm£7.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 8cm x 8cm£8.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 9cm x 9cm£9.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 10cm x 10cm£10.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 20 - 10cm x 10cm£19.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 11cm x 11cm£11.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 12cm x 12cm£12.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 13cm x 13cm£13.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 14cm x 14cm£18.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 15cm x 15cm£19.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 18cm x 18cm£27.99CURRENCY 
QTY: Pack of 10 - 20cm x 20cm£39.99CURRENCY