Horses Head Mirrors

Horse Head Mirror. Ideal for all horse lovers. Great visual area & you can also engrave your horses head mirror.

The measurements given are the overall size. The viewable area may be smaller than the overall size.

Comes with strong adhesive fixers and instructions.

Made from 3mm acrylic shatterproof safety mirror.

Has the same reflection as a normal glass mirror.

Sizes, Prices & Colours

Please select from the tabs below if you require any of your mirrors in a different colour or material.

QTY: 12cm x 11cm (Main Mirror Size at Longest Points)£4.99CURRENCY 
QTY: 20cm x 18cm (Main Mirror Size at Longest Points)£9.99CURRENCY 
QTY: 35cm x 32cm (Main Mirror Size at Longest Points)£19.99CURRENCY 
QTY: 45cm x 40cm (Main Mirror Size at Longest Points)£24.99CURRENCY 
QTY: 50cm x 45cm (Main Mirror Size at Longest Points)£29.99CURRENCY